GUNPLA BUILD: FXA-05D G-Defenser & FXA-00 Flying Armor [HG] – part 1


I got my hands on a P-Bandai exclusive G-Defenser & Flying Armor pack for the RG Gundam Mk-II a month ago and I’m just dying to put them together to complete the Super Gundam. First, let’s put together the G-Defenser!

The view of the inside of the box. Looking at the G-Defenser parts, they look eerily similar to the G-Defenser that came with the Super Gundam kit that came out in 2002.

The G-Defenser Unit has six runners, naming A, D, E, F, G, and PC-123. Looking at runner-A, it really is the HG G-Defenser that came with the old 1/144 Super Gundam kit, it even has all the yellow parts for the old 1/144 HG Mark II.


So basically, the P-Bandai exclusive for the RG Mark-II is a repackaged 2002 HG G-Defenser.

It also comes with a sticker sheet designed to match the RG stickers, take note that the foil stickers for the G-Defenser is the very same foils stickers for the HG Super Gundam kit.


While rushing to get this kit all together I only managed to photograph the last stages of the assembly.


Major parts of the G-Defenser fully assembled.


The long beam rifle is just connected to the right side of the kit by a peg.


Finally! The completed G-Defenser unit.


Here’s the rear view of the unit.


Missile pod opens to reveal missiles. The HG kit missiles are supposed to be red, but the entire part is molded in dark gray plastic. Painting this part is going to be quite laborious.


The back flap can be folded in for the Super Gundam transformation.


Core fighter can be detached from the main body.

Both side boosters can be slid back for the Super Gundam Transformation.


The G-Defenser unit has a peg that connects to the HG Gundam Mark II, but the RG Mark II doesn’t have the hole on its backpack for the connection.



The P-Bandai G-Defenser pack has a work around this little problem, the kit comes with an extra part that acts as the adapter for the connecting port built-in on the RG backpack.


The connection port on the backpack of the RG Mark II is covered by a small panel that can be removed. The adapter fits snugly on the connection port.


Unfortunately, the long rifle handle doesn’t fit on the fixed hand used for holding the rifle and hyper bazooka.


The only hand that can hold on to the long rifle handle is the mechanical hand, but this hand cannot support the full weight of the long rifle.


Here’s a quick comparison of the long rifle to the EW Wing Gundam’s buster rifle.As you can see, the long rifle is one and a half times longer. And I used to think that the buster rifle is already very long.


The RX-78+FX-05D Super Gundam complete!

The long rifle had to be tucked under the right arm of the Mark II so that it won’t droop down because the floppy mechanical manipulators are too flimsy to support the full weight of it…

I also forgot to mention that the RG Mark II Gundam has a locking mechanism on its back that is lodged in when connecting the G-Defenser unit so that the MS won’t bend backward and flip.

I once had the idea of modifying the old HG Super Gundam kit and convert it into an RG kit, but I don’t think I’ll need to do that anymore. I’ll be posting a short W.I.P. (work in progress) post on how to scratch-build an adapter for the 1/144 action base and G-Defenser, till next update!!

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