Gunpla Build: RX-78 Gundam Mark-II [RG]

It was June of 2012 when I first bought myself the freshly released Rx-78 Gundam Mk-II (A.E.U.G. ver.) I only managed to get around building it four years later. Well, better late than never is what they say.

Back then I was just thinking how nice it would be to get the Mk-II’s armaments, naming the P-Bandai exclusive G-Defenser and Flyingarmor pack for the 1/144 RG version. I was able to secure an HG kit of the Super Gundam back in 2009 (yes, I haven’t assembled that one as well till now) and I was thinking of retrofitting the HG G-Defenser to fit on the RG Mk-II kit. More on that planned build later, now I’m finally building the RG Gundam Mk-II.

The mark-II has 11 trays naming, Tray A, B, C, D1, D2, E1, E2, F, G1, G2, and SB1.

The kit also comes with a wire, a nylon tubing, and the typical RG sticker sheet.


Retrofitting the wire and nylon tubing behind the knee joint.

One of the first for me is putting the wire and nylon tubing on the inner frame. There are 1:1 scale measurement guides for the wires and the tubing in the manual, so you’ll know how long you will need to cut. You need to be very careful not to waste the wire and tubing because there is only enough extra length for one mistake, botch more than once and that’s it you’re out of wire and tubing.


Wire and tubing behind the legs of the mark-II


Mark-II inner frame with feet assembled.

In older RG kits, the inner frames were assembled first. It was only a few kits later when Bandai decided to make the instruction manuals  for the RG line to mirror the master grade manuals, that is assembling the kits by body segments before putting them all together to build the kit.


Mark-II lower body armor assembly.


Mark-II upper torso armor assembly.


Mark-II armor assembly complete!

I didn’t encounter any troubles putting the armor on the completed inner frame, rather, the build was more interesting seeing how a bare and gray inner frame is being built up with armors.


Mark-II backpack assembly.

The Mark-II’s backpack is quite simple, although I find the verniers are a bit loose.

The Mark-II Gundam 1/144 RG complete!


The Mark-II Gundam completely assembled and it comes with the accessories you see in the photo, plus two beam sabers. It has two clenched fists, one hand for holding the gun and bazooka, one open hand, two mechanical hands, a shield, a beam rifle, a bazooka, three extra power pack for the beam rifle (two can be stored behind the shield), and extra pack for the bazooka (that can be attached to the side skirt armor), a vulcan pod that can be mounted on the head, and two beam sabers (the handles are stored in the backpack). Full articulation and poses will be posted on another update. Next is the build post for the 1/144 HG G-Defensor armament!


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