RX-78 Gundam MkII Confusion Solved!

A very confusing mobile suit in my case because I have been seeing images of the mark II way before I even knew about Gundams that I just have to learn more about it and where it actually appears in the Gundam UC (Universal Century) story line. I have seen it in white good guy colors, I have seen it with the Double Zeta Gundam team, I’ve seen it with the Zeta Gundam team and the thing that perplexed me even more, is that I have seen it in a dark bad guy color scheme and it’s even called “Super Gundam” at times. From what I know is that it’s the updated version of the original RX-78 Gundam that Amuro Ray piloted. From my trivial knowledge of the Gundam UC story, Amuro was part of the Earth Federation forces that fought against the Principality of Zion, so I initially thought that the mark II was developed for the Earth Federation, but why was it branded as Titans and then the A.E.U.G.? Wasn’t Captain Bright also an officer of the Earth Federation? Why is he a captain of an A.E.U.G. ship? Oh me and my ignorance of the UC story, I was so cooped up with the AC story arc that wasn’t even part of the long-running UC story that I had been blind to the larger Gundam universal story that had been going on since the start of the franchise.

Now, where to begin? Clearly, it’s not part of the original Gundam series, so I had to check succeeding series and story arcs. I found the very first mention of the mark II on the follow-up series entitled Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta. The mark II first appeared in its original dark bad guy color theme which was the Titans’ original configuration.


RX-78 Gundam MkII original Titans color 

Developed as an experimental unit for the Earth Federation, and was handed to the Titans group for testing and use. It was later stolen by a group of rebel forces who call themselves the A.E.U.G. (Anti-Earth Union Group).


RX-78 Gundam MkII repainted A.E.U.G. color


Kamille Bidan

Under the A.E.U.G., the mark II was recolored to its more distinguishable white color scheme, it was first piloted by the newtype Kamille Bidan, then was later piloted by its intended and original pilot who defected from the Titans, Emma Sheen. The mark II has been retrofitted with other armaments such as the FXA-00 Flying Armor derived from Kamille’s original design that was used to enter Earth’s atmosphere.


FXA-05D G-Defenser




Emma Sheen

The mark II was later retrofitted with the FXA-05D G-Defenser giving it more firepower near the end of the Zeta Gundam series. The mark II again appeared in the Double Zeta Gundam series and was then piloted by Elle Vianno. At the time of writing this post, I’m still only at the first half of the ZZ Gundam series and the mark II has just made its appearance. The mark II is again seen using the Flying armor in its descent to Earth during an encounter with Axis forces.




FXA-00 Flying Armor

On the A.E.U.G.’s second mission on Earth, the mark II is seen this time with the FXA-08R Mega Rider.



FXA-08R Megarider



With all my confusion cleared out, it’s safe to say that the mark II’s ultimate for is the Super Gundam configuration.



Super Gundam RX-78+FXA-05D (G-Defenser)


Although it’s called the Super Gundam, it still got defeated by a Hambrabi. Still, it looks cool.

And that is why we now have this nifty armament pack for the Gundam MkII from Bandai. I remember mentioning this on a very old post of mine about the 1/144 RG Gundam MkII from four years ago. After searching ebay for this P-Bandai pack and only finding bootleg versions of it, I was seriously considering buying the bootleg. Luckily a nearby and a newly opened Gundam shop offered this beauty!


It’s basically a repackaged version of the G-Defenser and Flyingarmor armaments that were originally packaged separately with the older 1/144 HG Gundam MkII kit. After four years, I can finally put together my old mark II RG kit and combine it with this. Sadly, there is no 1/144 scale version of the Mega Rider, but an incarnation of it has been made in SD form which is packaged with the SD Zeta Gundam, and the 1/144 HGBC Mega Ride Launcher which is a down-sized version of the Mega Rider.

Parts and a short run through of the P-Bandai G-Defenser and Flyingarmor will be on my next post.

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