The release of the Impulse Gundam for the Revive line made me happy. Although I really didn’t like Shin, I still like his Gundam, it’s kinda like the transforming clone of the Strike Gundam, but whatever the Strike has, the Impulse has twice of it. TheStrike Gundam is a whole single unit, the Impulse Gundam splits into two and core fighter. The Launcher Strike has a single huge gun, the Blast Impulse has two, the Sword Strike has an Anti-ship sword, well…the Sword Impulse has two. Bandai released an older 1/144 HG version of the Sword Impulse for the masses some time ago and it’s really in need of an update, but for some reason, Bandai decided to be a dick and released the much-awaited upgrade as a FRICKIN’ P-Bandai exclusive. DAMMIT!!

Bandai is not making the lives of people like me any easier. Isn’t it enough that they released nearly the entire GW Endless Waltz OVA MS as P-Bandai exclusive, now even this!?



The 1/144 RE Sword Impulse is set to be released in December (2016) for 2,700 JPY.

Like the Blast Impulse, I can only groan and admire this updated kit from photos from the Internet.


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