Welcome to part 2 of my RX-78 GP02A Physalis Gundam build.


Putting the upper torso together is like building an old MG kit. The shoulder joints can be pulled out forward for more pose-ability which is not very common for 1/144 scale HG kits from 2006.


The forearm has an inner frame!

Surprisingly, the forearm has a basic inner frame, and this inner frame allows further forward and back articulation for the wrist.

Unfortunately, the elbow joint is a single joint and it can only be bent to 90 degrees.


The knee has a double joint that allows separate articulation for the thigh and lower leg.


The lower leg is one massive piece. With all that bulk, it makes you wonder if there is a skinny Gundam leg hidden behind that armor.


With all that double jointed knee you’d think that it can do an 180-degree bend. The bulky armor of the lower leg only allows a little more than 90-degrees. It’s much more bend compared to the master grade version of the Physalis that came much earlier.


Front view of the leg with the front facing armor removed. Just look how massive that thing is!


There is an inner gray frame for the hip. The ball joints for the legs are clearly reinforced to carry that extra weight. One of the interesting things about the Physalis is how the side skirts are mounted to the hips. Unlike most kits of its scale that use a poly cap and a peg to hold the side skirts in place, the Physalis has another inner armor that clamps it onto the side where the beam saber handles are stored.

It’s nearly finished! More in my next build post.

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