Gunpla Build: RX-78 GP02A Physalis [HG] Part 1

I was itching to build my very first RX-78 GP02A Physalis for a very long time now, and now I finally get to do so.


A straight look at the box, the kit is quite massive for its scale.


The box is much thicker than most HG 1/144 kits that I have assembled so far.

Looking at sample photos of this behemoth it gives me the image of a walking fortress.


Just look at that ginormous foot!

Everything is up-sized with this Gundam, even the shield!


Shield size comparison, left is the Physalis Gundam’s blast shield, on the right is the Savior Gundam’s shield.

For an older kit that came out in 2006, it’s pretty much advanced for its time. It’s the very first kit I owned so far from that period that has joints on its arm connectors much like the ones in older MG kits.


Shoulder joint articulation, not common for HG 1/144 kits back in mid-2000’s.

The majority of the grey parts are made of ABS plastic, which is now commonly used in inner frames and joints of Master Grade kits.


This mobile suit’s head is also bulky.


So far I managed to complete half of it.


The rest will be in the next post, I’ll see you guys later!

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