1/144 OZ-02MD Virgo Conversion Resin Kit

You like Gundam Wing and you also happen to like the grunt machines. If you’re lucky enough you’ll come across a 1/144 Leo limited model kit on ebay, or stumble upon an even rarer 1/144 Taurus (also a limited kit and its mostly used) and then there’s the Virgo. The upgraded Vayaete and Mircurius combined. These Oz grunt machines didn’t enter the scene till the later part of the series, they’re powerful and badass as heck! You will come across one of these on ebay and it will fetch a hefty price of 400 to 500 USD.

What was that? You really like the Virgo, but can’t afford the 500 USD price tag? Here’s a cheaper solution!

It’s the 1/144 Virgo conversion resin kit, and this only costs 16 USD.


The 1/144 OZ-02MD Virgo conversion resin kit sold by GK-Model for 16 USD.

The kit uses the 1/144 NG Vayeate, or Mercurius as base, which you can get at a very low price now a days. This is a great opportunity for GW collectors on getting their hands on GW grunt machines that Bandai isn’t interested in mass producing. Whether its for completing the MS line up or building a diorama, this kit is indeed a welcome addition to any GW collector. Hey, maybe if we wait a bit more, we may get to be treated to a Virgo II conversion kit as well. Here’s hoping!

Below are more sample photos of the Virgo.

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