1/100 OZ-13MSX2 Mercurius Resin Kit

While scrolling down my twitter feed earlier today I saw a post that grabbed my attention, and upon opening the link I found myself gasping for air clutching my chest in shock.

It’s a FRICKIN’ OZ-13MSX2 Mercurius resin kit!


The 1/100 OZ-13MSX2 Mercurius resin kit from GK-Model to be out soon for 58 USD (+shipping).

It’s every Gundam Wing fan’s wet dream come true. Just look at that beast! The Mercurius is one of the prototype MS built by the captured scientists that built the five GW Gundams, and it was one of the predecessor to the more powerful Virgo mobile suits. This particular MS was piloted by Heero Yuy and was later converted into a mobile doll programmed with Heero’s combat data.

Although its twin unit, the Vayeate has huge buster cannon, and the fact that I love MS that has huge guns, I like the Mercurius better. It is equipped with an overpowered beam saber installed in its crash shield. With overwhelming close combat capability, this sucker is also equipped with planet defensors that generates an energy shield that can deflect even the buster rifle of the Wing Zero.

It’s a shame Bandai didn’t bother making a 1/100 kit of this badass mobile suit. Come to think of it, I never even came across any 1/100 B-Club resin kits for the Mercurius at all (I may be mistaken) although there were those who actually scratch built 1/100 scale model, I haven’t seen any mass produced version of this kit. Now, thanks to a third party producer, lazy modelers like me will now be able to build, bask and marvel at this MS goodness minus the extra work of scratch building.

This resin kit seem to have decent articulation judging from the sample images, unlike fixed older 1/100 GW resin kits. Adding extra articulation for this kit will not be a difficult task.

Here are more large images of the resin kit to ogle upon.


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