1/100 Sandrock B-Club Resin Kit

Guess what came in from the courier the other day!


Hot on the heels of a lead from ‘Zphantom’, I managed to secure myself a 1/100 Sandrock ground type resin kit from B-Club. Being a rare item, it fetched quite a lot. I recall some time ago Henry on twitter has sold off some of his assembled resin kits for much less, unfortunately for me I missed out on that yard sale. I only caught wind of the news after the stuff I’m more interested in are already sold out. Oh well…since I had so much regret on not being able to buy these sort of items I jumped at the opportunity I got. I’ll only be going through the unboxing of this kit and do a minor review on it. I was planning on a mock build, but knowing that this is a brittle 20 year old resin kit it’ll need extra TLC. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have my proper modelling tools at hand so, a full mock up build post will take me a while to put out.

I’ve always been curious of how it is to own one of these resin kits, what the box is like and how the thing is over all.

Upon opening the shipping box, the resin kit is again contained in another box wrapped in bubble packing as you can see in the above photo. And within that second box, lo and behold, the B-Club Sandrock resin kit. The print in the box has that old magazine feel to it. It’s pretty much expected since this thing is 20 years old as of this year (2016).

Photos of the outside of the box, the printed white part is a big sticker slapped on top of a grey box. I always thought that the images were printed on the box itself. You can see the original price of the kit from the price tag on the bottom at 15800 Japanese Yen which is  worth around 240 USD (adjusted for inflation from 1996 to 2016).

There is a serial number printed under the box cover and at the bottom is the manual. I’d love to think that you’d get a special prize if you present this number to Bandai.


The kit is in all yellow-ish resin. Unlike the regular plastic kits, the entire kit is not hollow so, putting joints in this thing will be a challenge.


Being a resin kit, it has incredible detail. Just look at that manipulator!


The initials of the modeller is etched on the bottom of the waist.

Since I have only seen small photos of these unpainted old resin kits online, I seriously believed that these kits somehow have functioning ball joints, I was sorely mistaken. Those round-like ball joints are only place markers where you will glue other parts, they don’t function like ball joints on plastic kits. There are no pegs on the knee and elbow joints so, any hope of articulation in those parts are out.


There is a Bandai stamp in the resin kit. I always thought that B-Club is just some sort of a Gundam fan club that build their own kits and sell them as a third party company.

Although the seller has carefully wrapped the entire kit with bubble packing, I did find some broken parts in the resin kit, naming the handle of one of the heat shotels. It’s expected with such brittle material, and it’s nothing that I can’t fix. Luckily, the V fin is not seriously damaged since some of the gates of it has snapped.

I’ll put up a more detailed post for the Sandrock when I get the chance to work on it. So for now I hope you guys gained more information about a B-club resin kit. I plan to put up the build process on my follow up post for this kit, till next time!