The MG Shenlong and Altron share the identical build, so it’s basically building the same kit with two different color schemes.


Majority of the head parts are identical except for the V fins, the Shenlong has a solid yellow V fin, while the Altron has two parts (white and yellow). I’ve seen a review where the V fin of the Altron falls off often, fortunately I didn’t have that problem.


Other major difference are the fore arms. The Shenlong has a rectangular hole for the shield and the dragon fang, and the Altron has a round hole that goes straight through the fore arm where the braces for the double dragon fangs will go in to.


One complaint I have with this kit are the gates that connect a part of the Shenlong/Altron’s fore arm armor to the tray. As you can see in the photo above, there is a beveled area on the armor part and the gates connect directly to it, not one, but TWO! It’s pretty tough cutting the part out without having to damage the beveled area, and it’s even more challenging to cut off the excess nubs.


The monotonous job in assembling the Altron is putting together the links of the dragon fangs, there are at least twenty pieces of these, so cutting and smoothing these things gets old fast. altron_MG-105

Once, done with the monotonous work of putting together the red dragon fang links, we can ogle at the Altron Gundam’s awesomeness (and Racing Miku’s goodness at the background).


One thing to note, for those who are planning on getting/assembling the Altron, be careful with the braces for the dragon fangs, they are thin and flimsy, and the pegs that connect one half of the brace is very thin and can break off easily. I found out the hard way while I was dismantling the part while trying to take photos for this post.


The dragon fangs clips into place with the help of the long indentation on the fore arm braces. This locking mechanism is also applied in the 1/100 HG Altron that came out in the late 90’s.

Here are some side by side photos of the armaments for the Shenlong and the Altron.


The trident for the Shenlong gundam is longer than the Altron’s.


The double dragon fangs come with extra links for more dynamic posing.


Though the links for the dragon fangs on my kit are stiff, it’s still no match for the armament’s weight. I find that the ball jointed links are floppier than the hinge joints that were used on the 1/100 HG version. Seeing that this is a problem, Bandai included stands for the dragon fangs.


The bottom of the dragon fang has holes where the included stand will peg into. It also has a round hole for those who can afford the “Bandai Tamashii Stage”.


With the base connected, the Altron looks cooler with it’s armament extended ready to strike down the Wing Zero.


All in all, the Altron Gundam is a solid kit, the inner frame is standard XXXG EW frames so it’s pretty solid, it comes with the standard set of hands for the closed fists, open hands, trigger hands, and the grabbing hands (for the weapons of course). Other problems I have with the Altron kit are the side skirts, since it’s the same build as the Shenlong, it has inherited the loose side skirt armor syndrome. I have built five shenlongs and all of them had the same problem, other than that I never had any parts fall off on me yet. The ALtron is highly recommended for Gundam Wing collectors and for those who are looking to build an exotic looking mobile suit. But if you’re looking for a robust kit, this might not be the one for you, since it has a lot of floppy parts, mainly the armaments. The braces for the dragon fangs are so flimsy that I fear that I might break it whenever I put them out, also with its online exclusive price, it may sting you quite a bit.

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