1/144 Blast Impulse Gundam Revive!


It’s the 1/144 HG Blast Impulse Gundam, after more than a decade of waiting, FINALLY!! And it’s P-Bandai exclusive…DAMMIT! You, Bandai sure have a way of torturing your target fanboys who are having troubles ordering stuff online. Sure, if I only lived in a country where the postal service is impeccable I won’t be groaning about this.

This is no news to many of you since the information about this kit has been out since a few months back (May 2016), I just had to write something about it since I also was planning on converting one of my old 1/144 HG Force Impulse kit into the Blast Impulse using the Blast silhouette from the 1/144 NG Blast impulse kit that I also bought nearly a decade ago. But when the news of the Revive Impulse came out I thought I’d wait for the better quality kit and bash that one instead. An even better news came when they announce the Blast Impulse kit that would make the work a lot easier for me, but with this kit being an online exclusive I suddenly had my hopes shot down. Oh well, I suppose I’ll continue with the kit bashing then. So for the mean time let’s ogle at the Blast Impulse’s goodness.




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