OZ-06MS Leo, Still In Planning?


Late September 2015, we were made aware of the news that Bandai is planning of releasing the Leo mobile suit as part of their new Reborn 1/100 scale lineup.

Under_Planning.jpgWell, we’re already half way finished with the year 2016 and so far we haven’t seen any new release announcement for any of the other MS on the lineup that Bandai put up at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show last year (2015). The only release we have seen so far for the year 2016 to date from the same RE/100 lineup is the MS-08TX(EXAM) Efreet Custom that came out last April, and now that Bandai has just confirmed the upcoming RE/100 will be the AMX-107 Bawoo which is nowhere in the photo lineup. All we GW grunt machine fans will still have to keep waiting. I guess Bandai couldn’t be bothered to stick to the plan.


The OZ-06MS commonly known as the Leo, or as many of us came to know as those grunt machines that were built to be decimated by those pesky Gundams. Although the Leo was designed to be one of those machines that are used as cannon fodders in the battle front lines, it has its own merits as a versatile mobile suit. Even the Gundam pilots have hijacked one or two of these things in more than one occasion and they stood fairly well against newer MS models. Unlike most grunt machines, the Leo has an array of add-ons that gives it a wide range of applications from ground combat type to space type without drastically modifying its configuration. I think it’s those things that make the Leo a good MS.

And besides, how many of you are just dying to create a diorama like this!?


For now, a diorama of this scale is still a distant dream. I suppose the people at Bandai use the term “Planning Stage” as a sort of market study to see if a model kit will be profitable enough for them to mass produce. Perhaps if we make the Leo a popular MS we might persuade Bandai to release the Reborn 100 version.

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