1/100 MG Altron Gundam Build and Comparison – Part 1


My P-Bandai exclusive 1/100 MG Altron Gundam package!

I finally got my very own P-Bandai Exclusive MG 1/100 Altron Gundam kit the other day from a local hobby shop after nearly a year from its original release! I was beginning to worry that I won’t be able to get my hands on one since most of the importers from my home town has already sold out their stock of this kit when I finally had the money to buy one. I bought this kit for 474 AED + shipping (approx. 130 USD) which is kind of pricey, but it’s expected on an exclusive kit.

The thing that confuses many people about this Gundam is its name, in the GW OVA it’s called “Nataku” mainly by its pilot, Wufei. But in the model kit box it’s called “Altron”, clearly it has to be a mistake, right? No, it is indeed named Altron Gundam, even its tv series version is also called Altron, it’s just that Wufei (the pilot) has this thing about calling his Gundam “Nataku”, as it symbolizes power and Justice or something of that sort. In the Frozen Tear Drop story, he gets to pilot a white Epiyon Gundam and he still calls it Nataku.

The kit is secured with air bags stuffing and underneath is the green box of the Altron Gundam kit. It kind of surprised me that the box is green unlike the two previous GW P-Bandai exclusive kits for the Tallgeese II and III which are both blue.


A quick box comparison with the older 1/100 MG regular Shenlong kit (on the left) that came out in 2011.

Late last year I bought an MG Shenlong Gundam kit that I was planning of converting into Altron Gundam, but now that I have the official kit, there’s no need to do that.

A quick unboxing, the kit has 11 parts bag and a very thin manual. The Altron Gundam is basically the Shenlong Gundam with minor changes. Now, let’s get on with the parts comparison!


Tray A: Shenlong (left), Altron (right).

Major difference in tray A, the Shenlong kit has more parts than in the Altron tray.


Tray B: Shenlong (left), Altron (right).

The Altron kit has two Tray Bs stuck together since it uses a double edge trident.


Tray C1: Shenlong (left), Altron (right).


Tray C2: Shenlong (left), Altron (right).

Trays C1&2 are identical on both kits.


Tray D1 & D2: Shenlong (left), Altron (right).

Other than a change of color, both trays D1&2 are identical on both kits.


Tray E: Shenlong (left), Altron (right).

Again, other than a change of color, tray E on both kits are identical. Though some parts on tray E will not be used on the Altron kit.


Tray F: Shenlong (left), Altron (right).

Big difference in tray F. The round shield parts for the Shenlong is not present in the Altron tray.


Tray G: Shenlong (left), Altron (right).

Tray G, the parts for the single dragon fang for the Shenlong kit is not present in the Altron tray.


Trays H, H1 & H2: Shenlong (left), Altron (right).

Both kits had radically different tray Hs. The Shenlong kit only has 1 tray H, but the Altron Kit has two tray H and one H2 tray.


Tray I1, I2, J1 & J2: Altron

The Altron kit has extra trays for the double dragon fangs.


Tray I3 & I4: Altron

Additional tray I3 & 4 for the Altron double dragon fangs. On I3 tray, there are two additional Wufei figures wearing the Marimea army uniform from the OVA.


Tray XA: Shenlong (left), Altron (right).

Tray XB (x2), the XB tray for the Altron kit has four additional parts for the inner frame for the forearms.


Polycap Tray: Shenlong (left), Altron (right).

Polycap trays on both kits are identical.

With all the parts laid out I’ll be building the kits next! But since the post ended up this long I’ll be posting the rest on another page. Till next post.

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