HG 1/100 G Falcon Build


I built my HG 1/100 G Falcon kit a few months back (May 2016), and I got lazy updating my blog (as usual), so I’m only posting it now. The 1/100 G Falcon kit first came out in 1996 and it comes with a 1/100 HG Double X Gundam kit.


Parts bags of the now scrapped DX Gundam MG conversion project.

I attempted to convert the HG DX kit into MG format using the MG Shenlong inner frame as the base for the build project, but since the proper MG DX came out last March 2015 there was no need for me to pursue the project any further.


Kit parts trays are packed in two bags.

The G Falcon kit has five trays naming, H, I, J, K and a standard PC tray.

This HG kit has very few parts in comparison to newer 1/100 kits, thus it requires painting once fully assembled.

Being an older kit, it doesn’t have any inner frame, or anything. It’s basically a hollow box.


Panel lines EVERYWHERE!

This is one of the cheesy things that turns me off on older kits, mostly the ones that came out in the 90’s are the horrendous panel lines. Back then it looks kinda cool and all, but it’s actually very tacky and messy once you paint your kit and trace the panel lines with a Gundam marker.

It has lots of polycaps as well. Since this kit mostly use round holed polycaps, some parts, especially the missile pod doors become misaligned when you start playing with them. Another unfortunate thing with older model kits is that they don’t have connectors, or adapters for a base stand. So I had to custom build one of my own.

For the base adapter, I used a 3mm Plaplate and cut them into strips as pictured above. Since this G Falcon kit will not be linked to the 1/100 HG DX model, some pegs underneath it will not be used, thus freeing some holes to be used by the base adapter.

The base adapter peg holes I used are the ones near the center of gravity of the kit. As you can see the model sits very well with the custom made connector. The location of the peg holes are also ideal because the base adapter column will not hinder the MG DX model when it’s mounted to form the mobile armor DX and G Falcon combination. And since it’s a hollow box, the custom base adapter has no problem carrying the full weight of the G Falcon.

I’ll post the painting process of this model when I get the opportunity to work on it. Also this thing has combining issues with the new MG DX kit which I will go through in detail on the follow up post for this project. Till next time!

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