1/144 Force Impulse Gundam – Revive

It’s not news really, the thing is that snippets about this up coming 1/144 HG “Revive” kit has been floating around the Gunpla community since November 2015, it’s just that I’m too much preoccupied with RL stuff to be up to date with these sort of things.

The upcoming kit is from the Gundam Seed Destiny series, the Force Impulse Gundam set to be released on June 2016, for 1,800 Yen.


Just looking at that familiar silhouette, you can tell it’s the Force Impulse Gundam right away. 

I know many people are groaning, “Seed again?!”. Even though many Gundam Universal Century puritans claim that the Seed and Seed Destiny are rip-offs of the original Gundam series and it virtually killed the Gundam animation franchise in North America. But in spite of that claim, Bandai keeps releasing updates to the aging Seed kits. We all know Bandai, they won’t release updates for kits that are not giving them enough revenue, it’s apparent that the Seed mobile suits are still very popular and the demand for them is still high.


HGCE 1/144 Force Impulse Gundam [REVIVE] – On Display at Gunpla Expo (UTSUNOMIYA)

I have to admit, I do like the designs of the Gundam Seed mobile suits and I have good reason to feel all giddy and excited since I was already planning of modding my  old 1/144 HG Impulse kits with new HG joints, and now that Bandai is releasing this update, there is simply no need for me to do that. On the other hand, since the Revive lineup is a fairly recent kit category, I won’t be expecting a sword Impulse, or the much less popular Blast Impulse kits to come out any time soon, that is if Bandai will ever release those versions. The thing I’m hoping for though is that it can also accommodate the armaments of the older kits the same way they did with the Revive Aile Strike Gundam kit.



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