1/144 OZ-09MMS Pisces Resin Kit


It’s the 1/144 Cancer and Pisces resin kits. HOLY SHIT THESE THINGS EXIST?! Part 2.

Now let’s get started with the Pisces resin kit.


The 1/144 Pisces resin kit is just as intricately detailed as the Cancer, but this one packs a lot more engineering in it than the Cancer.


Parts line up.

The OZ MS Pisces is also molded in two color resin, aqua blue and white and it also comes with lots of polycaps.


cleverly engineered joints!

A bit of engineering did go into designing this kit, the arm unit alone consists of seven joints, and three for the legs for better poseability.

did I forgot to mention that this kit is transformable? It’s one of those few resin kits that can be transformed from MS to MA.

Not only that this kit has intricate joints, the claw/fins are interchangeable one retracted and opened. The legs are also interchangeable for the MA transformation.


OZ MS Pisces in MA mode.

The Pisces in its MA mode looks very much like a real military submarine, one of the things I like about it. Below are more photos.

I got too excited yesterday to write about my discovery thatI forgot to do some digging in the history of the items and why we have never heard of it. I found two blogs that had information about the resin kits, it was produced by a guy called Temple41 (テンプルフォーワンさん).


Temple41 display in Chara Hobby 2014

The kits first came out in Chara Hobby 2014 (August), according to the post by Omen72, because of hardships and lack of funding (between 2014 and 2015) production of the kits stopped and the Chara Hobby of 2015 was (speculated as) the last attempt to sell the kits.


The Pisces and the Cancer resin kits on display in Chara Hobby 2015.

We could guess that it didn’t sell well enough because news of this never came out to the rest of us. Apparently, the Crunchyroll site did a sort of four part report of the Chara Hobby 2015, but most of the report they did is for half naked girl figures and other cutesy things, they only gave attention to Bandai displays and Gundam themed cars, thus overlooking this little treasure (how disappointing).

It’s kind of sad to learn about the end of production of these kits. If only the creator thought of selling these kits on ebay, or online where die-hard GW fans can buy them outside Japan, he might not have had much financial troubles. As a fellow fan who felt deprived of such loot, I will try and see if I can get some of these kits and resell them for other GW collectors to enjoy. Let’s hope that my contact person will come through.

11 responses to “1/144 OZ-09MMS Pisces Resin Kit

  1. i have seen them on japan auctions before. Usually garage kits are only made in limited number at the events. But i do recall seeing them a few times though they are a bit pricey

    • The site I found that sells the resin kits have a selling price of 26 USD for the Cancer and 33 USD for the Taurus. It’s in my reasonable price range. The only thing I’m worried about these is the import tax.

    • you can check out the tw.taobao.com site. That is where I found the items. I did looked around, but I didn’t find a JAFCON Taurus kit there though, but you might have some luck finding one. The thing is, the site is in Mandarin (Chinese) and searching for certain things is pretty difficult. I just manged to make an account in it and I’m checking if they can ship stuff abroad, because I found that there is an Overseas shipping option in their shipping list, but it never mentioned any specific country.

    • Sorry, the kits are long sold out and there are no news of them being reproduced. You can try checking Yahoo Japan Auctions some kits pop up there every once in a while.

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