1/144 OZ-08MMS Cancer Resin Kit

While searching for a Taurus kit online, I stumbled upon a reddit post about some reproduction of the LM 1/144 Taurus Custom resin kits, so I investigated the link out of curiosity. Upon opening the link an even bigger surprise left me picking up my jaw from the floor. Among the 1/144 resin kits being sold in the site were two marine type OZ grunt machines, the Pisces and the Cancer.


It’s the 1/144 Cancer and Pisces resin kits. HOLY SHIT THESE THINGS EXIST?!

Being a Gundam Wing fan, I’m also interested in collecting the grunt machines in hopes that I can recreate scenes from the anime with my models. But sadly, the GW series is a flop in Japan, not unless there will be a huge influx of demand for the GW grunt machines in the global market, we won’t be seeing Bandai releasing new stuff for GW any time soon. With that out of the way, I can proceed with my write up on these kits. Since putting these two together in one post would be too long, I split the post in to two. With that said, let’s check out the Cancer kit first.


OZ-08MMS Cancer

Where to begin? Just looking at the sample photo is enough to make me water in the mouth and yearn for this kit, I mean look at those intricate details!


Parts line up.

The OZ MS Cancer kit is molded in two colored resin, white and red. There is no immediate need to paint the model, you can build it straight out of the box and it would still look good.


Two color resin, white and red.

The sensor hatch comes in two options, opened and closed. (Though I’m not sure if these were two different cover piece, or the same one just flipped.)


There seem to be decent articulation with the claws.

The claws can be opened and the arms lifted up, there is also some articulation with the hip parts.


It looks like a crab and it’s so cute!

Here is the OZ MS Cancer in its MA mode.


The rear

Looking at the images of this thing makes me want to crave for one!

More sample photos of the cute MS below.

The thing I like about the GW grunt machines is that they are simple yet they are designed well enough to resemble real machines, like the Cancer, it looks just like a regular submarine. The sad part about this kit is that it’s not available outside Taiwan. It’s either that, or I just haven’t found a site that sells it online that is in English. I did a little internet digging using Japanese, I found out that this was just released last year (2015), or rather it is a re-release by Kyarahobi (キャラホビ). But the packaging on the online shop indicates that this might also be a reproduction.

Any way, if you’re a Gundam Wing fan and a kit collector, this is something worth having, if you can get your hands on one. I happen to have a friend who is currently working in Taiwan, I might contact him and ask him to purchase one of these for me.


5 responses to “1/144 OZ-08MMS Cancer Resin Kit

    • I just contacted my friend this morning and he said that he will check it out. I plan on buying as much as I can and re-sell them. Let’s hope for a positive feedback from him.

  1. Hey!

    Great blog and I am real fan of your posts. I am just wondering do you know of anyone who would sell these kits- 1/144 OZ-08MMS Cancer & 1/144 OZ-09MMS Pisces ? Is there any online website like ebay or amazon that would stock this item? I am in interested in making a diorama with Gundam Wing 01 and both they would be perfect for.

    Take care,


    • Hey! Just saw your comment, and for your question. These kits were event garage kits created by Temple41 (read as temple four one) for the 2014 chara hobby exibit. They were available till the next Chara hobby event in 2015 and that was the last time they were sold. Somebody from Taiwan got hold of them and reproduced them, the kits were sold briefly on ebay which costs 25USD each. Unfortunately they sold like hot cakes and were quickly sold out before I could buy a set. I have been checking Taobao (Taiwanese version of ebay) but haven’t found any more. The only hope in getting these now rare kits is if somebody from Japan sell theirs. You’ll more likely to find them on yahoo Japan auctions. I’m sorry I’m not much help, but I plan to scratch build my own version of these kits in the future tho, and perhaps produce some extras. That is if I get more time to work on scratch building.

      • Hey there!

        Thanks for the reply it is much appreciated. I did some searches on Yahoo Japan like you suggested using a proxy site, but as you said the supply of the 1/144 OZ-08MMS Cancer & 1/144 OZ-09MMS Pisces seems to have run out. Do you know a good proxy site for Taobao? Oh well hopefully in the future it does become available and I will put off the diorama plans off for now or scale it back to just having the Gundam Wing 01. My idea was to have a fish aquarium with real live fish swimming around– and a model of Wing O1 on abandoned at the bottom with the models of Cancer and Pisces hovering overhead like in the TV series of Gundam Wing.

        I have to do some thinking of what to do. To be honest I am not a good scratch builder and I could not fabricate something like the Cancer or Pisces. Scratch building is something I would like to get into eventually. Your Taurus ideas sounds like a great idea! I am not sure Bandai will make a 1/100 Taurus anytime soon, buy hey they did make 1/100 Aries and that was unexpected delight. I am still working on the joints of my Aries. I am not sure whether to paint it in Noin green colours or Black colours of OZ. Well there will be other great ideas and projects to work until then. Thanks!

        Take care,


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