1/100 MG Leo Conversion Parts

Good news for fans of the Gundam Wing grunt machines, especially the Leo, this is for you!3D_print_leo_parts_1

While watching Gundam reviews on youtube I stumbled upon an info about a 3D printed MG Leo conversion kit that can be bought from HERE by Razor Concepts. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a pack set for all three conversion parts, you’ll have to buy them individually. But if you’re too lazy enough (like me) to scratch build certain pieces to convert the 1/100 MG Tallgeese to a custom Leo, this makes conversion a lot easier.

The three part conversion kit consists of the rear thruster housings.


The head, shoulders, and knee armor parts. You can choose from ‘Frosted Ultra Detail’ to ‘Frosted Extreme Detail’ for this set piece, with the extreme as the finest detail quality.


And the shell firing 105mm Rifle.


Below is what the painted build would look like.

The head piece has some interesting details to it. It comes with an open and closed hatch, for protection.


The head part has two interchangeable hatches, one open and one is closed.

The most interesting part of this conversion kit has to be the rifle. It is well detailed from its perforated muzzle guard to it’s shell clip. This alone is enough for me to get myself a set of this conversion kit.


The clip can be removed and the bottom part can be opened to reveal 105mm shells.

I have been planning on converting a 1/100 Tallgeese kit into a Leo, but I’m too lazy to work on scratch building parts. Now, with this nifty conversion kit available, the build will be a lot easier. The only thing I can nitpick with this is that there is no conversion parts for the chest piece.


Above is a photo of a 1/100 Leo resin kit by B-Club and doesn’t have chest vents on it.

Plus, you may also need to trim the legs to make it shorter for a more accurate Leo conversion, with those minor details aside, this is still a good conversion kit for those who want an MG Leo model. I wonder if they ship to the South East Asia region.

Images are from Razor Concepts page, you can visit their Shapeways shop page HERE.

If you’re looking for an in-depth scaling details for the Leo suit, you can visit this site HERE by Tetsujin for more accurate details.


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