1/144 RG Justice Gundam and Planned Projects

My Gundam loot for the month, the 1:144 RG Justice Gundam.


I finally bought my very own RG Justice Gundam after four frikin’ years!

I had been hunting this kit for a while now and I finally got my grubby mitts on one. It just irritates me that it takes a considerably long time before I can get my hands on the kits I want. The Justice Gundam a.k.a. ZGMF-X09A unit is not a very famous mobile suit, it never had a master grade treatment, unlike its brother unit, the Freedom. It feels like this one was made just to compliment the RG Freedom and the 1/144 HG Meteor unit. I just wanted to get one of these to pair it with my RG Freedom Gundam. And another reason is that I need something to use as reference for my long time planned 1/100 MG build Justice, not that infinite version, the plain first version Justice. Although there are claims that there were other modelers out there that converted an NG Justice to MG, but I’ve only managed to find one blog that managed to record his work in progress, but he never get to post the completed work.


The failed MG Justice Gundam conversion, you can see the full post from HERE.

Although it’s a good idea to use the Infinite Justice MG as the base kit, but it has already long departed from the basic design of the first Justice. So, I’m going to use the MG Freedom kit as the base, since I have dropped the idea of fully painting the clear version MG kit, I’m going to bash it in order for me to build this project. The original premise of the two is that they were developed as twin units, not to mention that the shield and the beam rifle of both mobile suits are the same. It only seem natural to build the Justice using the inner frame of the Freedom, plus I won’t have to modify the Justice’s armaments, it’s like killing two birds with one stone. The only major hurdle that I’ll face with this approach is the upper torso area, mainly the chest vents. After much scrutiny, I realized that the Freedom’s shoulder joints are mounted directly behind the chest armor. I’m just not sure how I’ll be able to go around this problem, but I will think of something once I get started with the bashing.


Photo taken from the same blog where I got the other photo from, HERE.

While it is true that the Justice’s platform glider looks awkwardly small for the 1/100 version to ride on, the RG kit was designed with an ingenious perk that worked around this problem, and I intend to include that in my build.


I’m not sure of the history of the image,  but I believe it was from an auction for the pictured custom build 1/100 NG Justice Gundam model.

While digging for interesting Justice Gundam builds, I stumbled upon this one. It looks very much like the RG version, but it’s actually a customized 1/100 NG Justice. It looks cool and all, but it’s still lacking the riding the glider action bit. What ever, I plan to build a good MG Justice and I don’t intend to fail.

I’m going to use this post to remind me of my planned projects, and those are:

  1. Build an MG Justice Gundam model.
  2. Build an RG perfect Strike Gundam kit.
  3. custom build 1/144 NG Heavyarms kit.
  4. Build and paint 1/100 Igel resin kit with new MG Heavyarms.
  5. Build a ver 2.0 1/100 MG H-Arms Custom.
  6. Scratch build a 1/100 Heavyarms TV version model.
  7. Scratch build a 1/100 transformable Taurus kit.

Welp, most of them are Heavyarms kits, just goes to show how much I like the MS. I just hope I can fulfill at least two in the list.


Three items in the list are officially scratched out, although I only managed to actually build only one (the NG Heavyarms) I’m happy to know that Bandai is helping me cross out this list.


2 responses to “1/144 RG Justice Gundam and Planned Projects

  1. I totally failed, hahahaha, it’s still standing in my cabinet XD I should probably use the Freedom 2.0 instead, if they aren’t planning of releasing it :3

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