MG Freedom Gundam Ver 2.0 Release Announced!

The new 1/100 Master Grade Freedom ver 2.0 release this year 2016, FINALLY!


As it turns out, Bandai is going to release the ver. 2.0 of the Freedom and it’s set to hit the market in April 2016. A prototype of the new Freedom kit has been put on display since November last year at the Gunpla Expo World Tour Japan 2015 in Akihabara. WHY THE HECK WAS I UNAWARE OF THIS??


Anyway, Bandai has finally decided to update the aging MG Freedom kit that first came out way back in 2004. The updated ver 2.0 has more details in comparison to the old version and apparently it has extra fins protruding from its plasma cannons. I never saw those in the animation show…

It seems that the people at Bandai HQ is upping up the ante by adding more chic details to this upcoming kit in order to outshine the now becoming notorious bootlegger that upgraded the Freedom way back in 2012.


At the right is the aging MG Freedom by Bandai, and at the left is the refurbished MG Freedom by Dragon Momoko. Just look at that smug prick! I’m going to get my hands on one of it and see if its any better.

The new Freedom features a more stylized set of armaments.


Extra corners are added to the shield, and I never realized that the extra handle of the beam rifle could be folded like that!

Anyway, the new Freedom looks good. With this update, I only hope that Bandai will finally release a Master Grade kit for the Justice Gundam.


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