Collecting (LM) Limited Model Kits

I have been a long time Gundam collector and I really, really like the Gundam Wing and Gundam X series, since these two were the main reason I got hooked into Gundam collecting. But as we all know the 1/144 kits for these two particular series are really outdated since they all came out in the mid to late 90’s. Although some of the main MS did received some recent HG releases, the vast majority of the kits did not get the modern upgrade. The old kits are now known as NG kits and although they may be hard to come by at stores, most of them are still in production. But unknown to most people there are lesser known kits that came out as supplements and they are the LM kits, or the Limited Model kits for the Gundam series. Unlike their regular mass-produced contemporaries, the majority of these kits are the grunt machines. I have seen some reviews of these LM kits floating around the internet and most of the reviews are negative. Majority of the reviews claim the kits are badly engineered and are cheaply made. there are very few parts and the articulation is very limited and each kit comes in a uniform color, they are comparable to resin kits. The consensus is that these LM kits are not advisable to casual collectors, unless you’re a hard core fan/collector.

These past few months I have been scouting around e-bay looking for collector kits and I found some 1/144 LM kits for Gundam X, and a 1/144 LM Leo Custom kit, but the thing that has alluded me is the now becoming even rarer Taurus LM kit. But a few days ago, a miracle happened, somebody put up a post listing a Leo Custom and a Taurus LM kit being sold together, but the price is much higher than I have anticipated. Now, the items that are considered by many collectors as the Holy Grail of the GW 1/144 kits are within my grasp.

1/144 LM Taurus kit

This Limited model kit is getting even harder to come by.

The GX LM kits were reasonably priced, but the GW LM kits were expensive as hell. I have searched for a while and I was not able to find any other Taurus LM kit that is for sale. I actually had to think over the decision if I would buy the GW kits, or not. Although there might be another one that might pop out on e-bay in the future, but for now I have to grab what is in front of me. I may be feeling the sting of this purchase for a while, since it took out the entirety of the budget I have allotted myself for this month’s Gunpla stuff, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be worth it. This has got to be my most expensive 1/144 kit that I have bought to date and I believe that this purchase I have graduated from casual collector. But still, I’m not in the level of some more notable collectors out there of GW or GX series. Hopefully, the kits will be arriving before thanks giving.

Yeah, I bought these items all together at the same time. I am already late in the game of collecting these Limited kits, and if I don’t get them soon, who knows when, or if ever there will be another set available out there.

Although I’m groaning over how expensive the GW LM kits are, there is an even more expensive kit that just came to my attention only recently an even rarer kit, the B-Club 1/144 Virgo II resin kit, and it is being sold at a hefty price of 500USD! The initial price of the kit was already 103USD (12,800JPY). What’s inside this thing, gold?! Anyway, it’s way beyond how much I’m willing to pay for a 1/144 kit.

This 1/144 Virgo II resin kit is being sold for a hefty price of 500USD. It’s way more than I’m willing to spend on a kit.

Well, I suppose this might be my last purchase of rare kits of my favourite Gundam series, for now, that is until a more interesting item comes out, let’s say, a 1/100 B-Club resin kit for Heavyarms. Perhaps after this I will finally start on scratch building and develop my skills even further. So, if ever I need a non-existing, or rare kit, I can build it myself.

I will try to make an in depth review of the kits once I get them with me, so until then!

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    • The seller of GW LM kits goes by the user name ‘xtian_20’ on ebay. He’s also the seller of the B-club Virgo II resin kit, though the item has not been relisted for sale anymore.

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