Online Haul

I bought some stuff online about a month ago and they just arrived the other day and here is the photo report of the stuff I got.


package01-b  package01-c

The first package contains the Igel resin kit for the 1/100 MG Heavyarms kit by Model Legend. Since a full resin kit came out for the Igel armament, there is no reason for me to scratch build one. The other box is the 1/144 RG Wing Gundam EW conversion kit. Unfortunately, I bought it without knowing that Bandai will announce the release the RG version of it a week after I purchased it, so…yeah…

package01-d package01-e

I suppose I’ll keep it for later use.

package02-a package02-b

The second package contains the P-Bandai exclusive Launcher & Sword Striker pack for the 1/100 MG Aile Strike Gundam RM version to form the Perfect Strike Gundam.

Although it is the exact same armaments that came out in 2008, I would like to get the ‘officially’ produced exclusive kit that was supposed to be for the Ver. RM Strike Gundam. The thing that disappointed me on getting this kit was that it cost me more than the actual Strike ver. RM MG kit, nearly twice the price.

Well, I suppose that’s that for the photo report. I’ll try to put together some interesting posts when I get the chance to work on these new goodies I got online and finally be able to make my very own side by side comparisons.

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