My Phil Post Experience

When I received my very first VISA card the first thing I did was order Gundam stuff online, I was woefully oblivious of the troubles the go with online purchases. My first horrific ordeal was when I tried to get my first Igel resin kit delivered to my address in the UAE, apparently, they don’t deliver parcels in the UAE. How was I to know that mail delivery service does not exist in one of the most westernized states in the Middle East?! It turns out you need to pay for a P.O. Box as if that was not enough, they sent my parcel to my company’s P.O. Box and was unfortunately lost. My second parcel was sent directly to my company’s P.O. Box alright, but the PRO of the company is such a dick he won’t get the parcel and I had to involve the General manager to grant me authorization to pick up my own parcel. Imagine the torment I was going through as the days tick by knowing that in just a few days if my parcel was left unclaimed, they will ship it back to where it came from. It’s bad enough I lost one parcel, I don’t want to lose the other one.

Now, after the horrible Emirates Post ordeal, I decided to have my online purchases shipped to my home country, the Philippines. We have a functioning mail delivery system (I think) and how hard could that be, right? We get our monthly bills delivered to us by mail, and we occasionally receive post cards and stuff. So, it’s natural for me to assume that the postal system is working quite normally. The parcels I ordered online going to the UAE arrived within a week, but in the Philippines, it is estimated to take three weeks to 45 days. Well, since I won’t be home again for another 6 months, I won’t mind the wait. And so, I made my online purchases and have them sent to my younger sister. After three weeks I thought to track my parcel status and for some reason, the Phil Post tracking website got the countries wrong, that is the country of origin and destination are reversed for some reason.


It looks like my parcel originated from the Philippines going to Hong Kong??

According to the tracking, my parcel has reached my local post office within a week, but why hasn’t my sister reported to me that she received the parcel yet? I just thought that It’s a branch of the Government and it’s bound to have delays, until I checked my other parcel.


Oct. 07, 2015 – Unsuccessful Delivery??? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!!

Then I checked at the Japan post tracking…


Retention??? Are they holding my parcel hostage???

Well, after seeing that one reports an “Unsuccessful Delivery” and another seem to have stopped from somewhere, I feared that my parcels were going to become lost again, that’s when I started calling home asking them to go and ask the post office as to what happened to the parcels. Then after another week, my sister finally received the one from Hong Kong, and my Father retrieved the one from Japan from the provincial post office and they had to pay 1/3 the price of the kit for customs duty. THE FUQ?!

two of my major purchases were retrieved at home, except for the Kotobukiya MSG parts. I’m not sure if it will ever arrive…

After these experiences all I could say is that, buying stuff online could be handy for getting those things you can’t find in your local stores, but it also comes with it’s troubles and worries. Prepare to lose money along the way as well since you can’t be sure if your parcels will even reach you. I have learned quite a lot from my past experiences, but is it enough to deter me? I suppose I will have to weigh the options, if it’s worth the trouble or, not.

I’ll post the photos of the stuff I ordered next time, hopefully I’ll be able to build some interesting stuff in the near future.

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