Tallgeese III Retrieved!


I got it out from the postal office, FINALLY!!

It took 23 days before I was finally able to retrieve my parcel from the post office. It’s one of my very first ever online purchases and this experience has taught me a valuable lesson. The postal service in the UAE is pretty messed up. I’m just happy that the nightmare-ish ordeal I had to go through to retrieve at least one of my parcels was over, although I cannot say the same for my other parcel (which was lost).

With this, I now have all three Bandai released Tallgeese kits and hopefully I’ll be able to make a side by side comparison review of the kits and their infamous Dragon Momoko counterparts pretty soon.

Although I was finally able to buy stuff online, I found that it is more troublesome than buying stuff from a local store. And with the Altron Gundam MG kit being a P Bandai exclusive, my days of trouble with the Emirates Post service will continue for a while.

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