Altron Gundam MG Release Announced???

I just found this snippet on my facebook feed.


Though I can’t completely read Japanese Kanji, I can make out the “Kidou Senshi Gundam W Endless Waltz Glory of Losers” title followed on the bottom with, “MG Altron… -desu!


Judging the art, it seems that the Altron Gundam is going to have an extra weapon extension on the back of its head similar to the TV version. BUt this extension did not appear o the OVA version though, but it’s still pretty cool!

HO-LEE-SHIEE!! It’s HERE, the Gundam that has alluded me and I’m desperately trying to build in MG format is finally getting an MG version! Can’t wait till I get my hands on this guy!

I guess I don’t have to bash another Shenlong MG kit anymore. I Just hope they will complete all the GW Endless Waltz OVA units.

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