DX Gundam Master Grade to be Released on March 2015!!

I CRAP MY PANTS!!! Bandai is finally releasing my second most favorite Gundam (next to Heavyarms of course) the GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X (aka Gundam DX, Double X, DX)!

I know that the Gundam X series isn’t as popular as its predecessor, Gundam Wing that kick-started the gundam craze, but for me I felt that this was a nice follow-up. Although the series never had much memorable mobile suits, but the one that did left a lasting impression was the DX Gundam.


The Double X Gundam 1/100 MG kit prototype as shown on the magazine.

Now, on with my yapping of how much I have yearned for this kit to be release in Master Grade format! The aging so-called “High Grade” kit that came out in the mid 90’s is badly outdated compared to the newer “NG” 1/100 kits that came out much later. The joints on the shoulders, elbows and knees are very loose, very poor articulation and the kit can only be put in very limited poses. And don’t get me started with the panel lines, don’t get me wrong, panel lines are cool and all. But with all those panel lining on the older 1/100 HG kits, they look cheesy when you compare them to the more chic look of modern kits.

Judging by the exhibit photos, this is one cool looking mobile suit! I really like Gundams with big guns, and this one doesn’t have just guns, a twin satellite canon at that!! And with the G Falcon add-on this is one bad-ass mobile suit. I can’t wait till I get my hands on one, and if I have enough cash by the time this comes out, I’ll get myself two of these.

Now I don’t have to continue mutilating the aging 1/100 HG DX kit I started to convert to MG half a year ago. Oh well, I still have the 1/100 HG G Falcon kit that I’m dying to try and retrofit to the new MG DX kit!

G Falcon unit with Double X 1/100 HG kit.

G Falcon unit with Double X 1/100 HG kit.

Now that I think about it, I just hope that the thoughtful people at Bandai included ports for the G Falcon connectors in the new DX MG kit like they did with the 1/100 MG Sand Rock kit that has ports for the shoulder armor of the older 1/100 HG Sand Rock custom kit.

Here are more photos, just to bask on this kit’s goodness.

Images from Degenki Hobby and Gundamguy.

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