Perfect Strike Gundam ver. RM

I know that it’s been ages since I last updated this little spot of mine on the internet. It’s just that I have been busy with my ‘other’ projects and it’s eating up the majority of my time and effort leaving almost no time for gunpla building. To be honest, I have so much back-log on my kits piled up that I barely have space left in my room.


Yes, that is the corner of my bed and if you are an eagle-eyed fan, you will notice some Phantasy Star On-line Racaseal kits mixed in there and some Figmas. Also, behind the boxes of kits you see, there are also boxes of more kits. If you look closely, you will notice the Astray Gold Frame Amatsu kit sticking at the far end.

After the recent typhoon knocked out the electricity supply in my area for a day, I suddenly have the opportunity to work on a kit that I have been dying to see completed, the Perfect Strike Gundam!

Since the Strike MG ver. RM kit came out last 2013, I have been itching to get my hands on one. Luckily, the local toy store where they ‘officially’ sell Gunpla kits had some, but due to my recent unemployment I was a bit short on cash. And when the time came that I have earned enough to buy one, the MG Strike kit was almost sold out, they also had the Deactivate Mode Strike kit, but I can only afford one at that time. The sad thing about the local toy store selling these kits is that, they don’t replenish stocks of kits that are sold out, they would have them all dispatched and then sell the newer kits that come out, they rarely re-sell older kits, unlike hobby shops where you can have a wider selection. Anyway, I finally have the Strike ver. RM kit at hand and I was planning of entering it on a Gunpla building contest, since I was out of time I was not able to complete the kit. It sat for nearly half a year before I finally had time to get back to working on it. Since I was intending to submit it to a contest and I was short on time, I never bothered to document the assembly process. Last night I finally finished painting the clear sensor parts and the troublesome shield.

Aile Strike Gundam ver. RM

Finally! Finished painting the Gundam, except for the Aile Striker pack, but that will have to wait. I’m more interested to see the Perfect Strike set-up

After the release of the Strike RM kit, Bandai announced the release of the Launcher and Sword pack for the RM kit to form the Perfect Strike Gundam. I almost shit my pants after hearing the news and I’ve always wanted to see all the Strike Gundam’s armaments mounted on it all at the same time. Unfortunately for me, it was a web store exclusive, so I only have to dream about getting it, then I had the idea of buying the separate MG Launcher/Sword Strike kit that came out in 2008. And probably with a little modding, I can retrofit it to the new Strike RM kit. The plan was perfect, then the reviews for the Launcher and Sword pack exclusive came out, I was surprised that the web exclusive kit is none other than the 2008 Launcher/Sword kit only re-packaged with a darker color scheme and new decals. Well, I suppose that is another way of Bandai milking the fans… I was in the right track after all! And the best thing is that I don’t have to modify anything and Thus!

Launcher/Sword Strike Gundam MG kit

I had to wait for half a year for the local ‘official’ Bandai Gunpla toy store to sell this kit. And it was expensive as hell, it’s actually more expensive than the Strike RM kit.

Now I finally have the Launcher and Sword pack along with the older version of the Strike Gundam Kit (which I was also curious to see its difference with the new kit). And surely enough, I wasn’t disappointed with the kit. All parts fit well and the details are all incredible, but since this kit is four years older than the new Strike RM kit, there are some integration issues with it.

The huge sword really stands out. I particularly like this set-up.

The huge sword really stands out. I particularly like this set-up.

The kits are five years apart.

The kits are five years apart.

One major issue with the Sword Strike pack is that the shoulder armor add-on doesn’t fit well. The new Strike RM kit has bulkier shoulder armor and the only way to accommodate the older Sword Strike pack is to add adapters on the connectors of the shoulder armor, unfortunately this widened the space between some locking pegs for the shoulder armor.

shoulder armor

If you are posing, or just playing with the kit you’ll get frustrated setting this up each and every time.

Before I completed the Launcher Strike pack earlier today, I didn’t realize that it was already past working hours so I hurriedly packed up my stuff to continue my work at home, and because of this commotion, I wasn’t able to document the entire process. I don’t have any complaints with the Launcher pack, the parts fit very well and it didn’t have the same issues with the shoulder mounted armaments.

Skipping ahead, I already put the Perfect Strike kit together, and it turned out a lot better than what I had expected.

Perfect Strike ver. RM

All parts fit well and the new Strike RM kit is sturdy enough to hold the very heavy Aile+Launcher+Sword pack. Cool as it already is, I still have one more issue with it. I mentioned earlier that the shoulder Armor for the Sword pack doesn’t lock all well, this other issue is also with the Sword pack. The Launcher pack has an adapter that extends the ‘Agni’ (beam cannon) away from the rear lower boosters of the Aile striker pack, but the Sword Striker pack doesn’t have an adapter, so the Schwert Gewehr (sword) is hitting the lower booster, which limits its articulation. To minimize the alignment offset of the Schwert Gewehr, it has to be mounted only slightly.

The Schwert Gewehr is hitting the Aile Striker Booster

The Sword holder doesn’t have an adapter to extend the Schwert Gewehr (sword) away from the booster. This also offsets the Schwert Gewehr’s vertical alignment.

Here are a few more photos I took.



I’ll post a full gallery of this kit once I finish painting the whole thing. Till next time!!


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