Past Exploits – Gunpla Builders World Cup 2013 (Philippines), a Failed Mission

I was planning on putting these photos up here some five months ago, but due to my disappointment and bitterness over the whole event, I never bothered to even remove the photos from my camera memory. Last October of 2013 I attempted to enter the GBWC (Gunpla Builders World Cup) in the Philippines, and failed miserably on my mission.

June 2013: Just got home from my work abroad and I was thinking of seeing some Gundam related event that is happening locally, and fortunately enough, it was Gundam contest season. After consulting Mr. Google, I found that the GBWC is going to be held on October of the same year. The thing I was waiting for is within my reach! To make the long story short, October came, I got my MG Gunpla kits that I’m planning on entering and went to the contest venue to get enlisted. I was so excited and thrilled, I have never seen so much Gunpla exhibit before. I asked the staff for the contest requirements and I complied to nearly all the requirements except for one, the Gunpla must be bought from their store only and they need the original receipt as proof that you did bought it from them. Three months of anticipation and all that effort preparation of just getting there went to waste, my hope of even getting into the new challenger category came crashing and burning. The staff gave me a contest flyer, even though it’s clear I can’t enter my work. Bitter and disappointed, I left the scene without even looking back and tried to bury the memory of all of it in the deepest regions of my consciousness. Fortunately enough, before all the bitterness I was able to take some interesting photos and without further delay here are my pics of the 2013 GBWC venue at the Robinsons Magnolia, QC. 

After the disappointment, I refused to go back home empty handed so, I bought this:

GP-01 Zephyranthes 1/144 RG

With the upcoming Gundam Model Kit Contest this May, I just hope that I make the cut this time.


2 responses to “Past Exploits – Gunpla Builders World Cup 2013 (Philippines), a Failed Mission

  1. What a load of BS!

    Why should you have to buy from their store just to enter the competition? I get that you’d have to prove it was an official Bandai kit and not a knock off, but how the hell are you supposed to prepare an entry for a competition if you have to buy a kit from their store?

    I would have had half a mind to say:
    “Ok, wait here, I’ll be right back.”

    Then go to their store, buy the same kit, drive home, swap the used sprues into the new box and return with the box you just bought with the old sprues, the receipt and your competition entry.

    They’ll have no way to deny you entry because they would have an impossible time proving that you didn’t just go and build it.

    • Yes, it is BS. They claim that it’s only fair for them since their distributor is organizing the event. Not even kits you bought online from Bandai itself is accepted. What’s even sadder is that their toy store branches sell limited amount of kits, composed mainly of new releases which limits your choices and your creativity. Funny enough, there are two distributors of Gunpla in the Philippines and they both hold separate gunpla events, and both only accept kits bought from their respective branches.

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