Tallgeese II MG – Gundammit!!

It’s been more than a year since this kit went out exclusively on Bandai’s online shop. I’ve been a long time GW fan and model kit collector of the series, but most of my old collections were bootlegs (I’m ashamed to admit). The only stuff that gets through the local market are cheap bootlegs. The very first GW kit I bought was a KO by the now defunct “Ben Di” brand. But enough of that, we’re here for the Tallgeese II!!

Since it’s an exclusive, getting my mitts on one would just be a pipe dream, but lo and behold! While following on a lead about the fabled “hidden” hobby shop near my home, I went out on a quest to find it and boy did I find it alright. It was tucked away at the far-end of a less known building, after going through a rather dimly lit corridor, I leisurely strolled inside to check what stuff they have. I looked around, it was a small shop filled with high school kids and lots of Gundam boxes piled on top of the counter. The shop has that “hang out” atmosphere to it, I was busy scanning the items they are selling and to my surprise on the far end corner of the glass display cabinet I saw this bluish box and on it reads “Tallgeese II,” I quickly dismissed it as a bootleg, but the Bandai logo on the lower right corner of the box made me think twice. After confirming the price, I came back a few days later and bought it and thus… BEHOLD!

Tallgeese II

Tallgeese II

I’ll refer to Tallgeese as ‘TG’ from now to save on typing, since I’m a lazy ass.

After the release of the MG TG I kit, I thought I had nearly all of the MG Gundam EW kits. But then I heard of the exclusive TG II kit that was only available in Bandai’s online store. I thought it was unfair, but since TG II was not as popular as TG I, I thought to let it slide since most of the reviews I saw for the TG II kit were all from disappointed and upset modelers commenting that it is basically an MG TG I kit molded with a different color plastic, and the only changes were the head unit and the addition of its tiny pilot figures of Traize and Lady Une. But I dismissed those comments as a load of hogwash until I had to see the actual thing myself. Well… Here’s my chance.

As you can see, the box is all blue indicating that it is a special kit of sorts.


It’s blue, we get it!!

Right off the bat, you’ll find the standard MG TG I manual (surprise, surprise) well, since it’s basically a repackaged TG I it would be a waste of resource for Bandai to create a whole new manual of a lesser popular MS (Mobile Suit) of the show that is basically the same as the one they mass-produced earlier. Oh, and they also threw in another smaller (single folded sheet) manual for the special parts of the TG II.


It’s the Tallgeese I! No, wait… Wasn’t this supposed to be Tallgeese II??


Ah, there’s the manual… But it’s only a single sheet!!

The TG II comes with the standard TG I parts and it shares the same parts list, with the exception of the head parts and the tiny pilot figures, oh! And the whole kit is molded with a different color plastic scheme as well.

I’d like to post better scanned images of the manuals, but I’m too lazy to do it right now. Plus, there is also an interesting comparison that I’m planning to do on my next TG II post, bootleg vs ganuine. The bootleg has an interesting add-on that Bandai never bothered to produce, but that will be on the follow up post, till next time!!


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