H-Arms Custom MG conversion W.I.P. 02

It’s been ages since I posted some W.I.P. so here’s the rest of the Heavyarms Custom build progress.

To top off the H-arms Custom version I had to bash the chest pieces and convert the EW double gatling to the four gattling guns from the HG version. I used epoxy putty to patch up the holes and fix the new armament to the chest plate.

H-Arms Custom MG conversion chest armament

H-Arms Custom MG conversion chest armament

Now that the hard part of bashing is done, it’s time to put them together and see what we got!

Not bad if I do say so myself!

Now, on to the painting process!!

H-Arms Custom MG

H-Arms Custom MG

For some reason, I forgot to photograph the entire painting process, so here is a snap of how it looked like while I was coloring it and building it XD

The part that I had difficulty in patching up is the High Grade double gatling guns. They had very huge gaps between parts and filling them up with putty and sanding them down is a little too much for an amateur modeller such as myself, but I somehow managed to make it look a bit decent.

To hide the original plastic color I used Mr. Surfacer and coated the red parts and all other parts with it (it’s normally grey) and then I over coated it with the new colors scheme. I don’t use surface coating before, so I usually end up applying thicker layers of lighter colored paint over dark colored plastic parts. After I discovered the surface prepping paint, I’m now able to apply less paint on dark areas where I used to apply extra thick layers to make colors look more even.

H-Arms Custom MG conversion

H-Arms Custom MG conversion

TADAH!! Here is the fully painted kit in EW OVA color scheme. I’ll be posting some nifty photos of this bad boy on my next post. Till next time Gundammers!!


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