H-Arms Custom MG conversion W.I.P. 01

It’s been a while since I last posted a work in progress. A lot of stuff happened to me these past few months and I temporarily stopped from ‘Gundamming’ (that is working on my Gundam kits), thankfully my schedule got cleared up and I’m able to work with some of my kits once again. The last W.I.P. I updated was about the MG Freedom Gundam, since that kit is still being shipped to where I currently am I’ll put that one on hold and my other works. This time I’ll be updating my new conversion project, the H-Arms Custom MG conversion!

It’s clear that I’m a Heavyarms Gundam nut and it’s my most favorite Gundam of all time. After the Heavyarms, no other Gundam has packed so much firepower in its body like it did, though there is a Gundam in the latest Gundam Wing EW Novel that appeared to be a modified version of Heavyarms, I won’t be changing my preferences just yet.

Anyway, as you can remember I posted plans on working for the Igel armaments, but since RL stuff got in the way and lack of modeling materials, that project got side-tracked (for now). A few months back I saw some prick post his own version of the Igel in his youtube account, porking that he has seen many project plans for the Igel and yet nobody has finished it yet, and since that prick beat me to it, I’ll let him bask at the glory of building one ahead of me. But I assure you that the one I’ll be building will be way better than his!

Now, after the prick boasting his Igel work, I simply lost interest in working on the Igel armament for a while and I decided to get over it by working on another Heavyarms project. I’ve seen some modelers modify a Shenlong MG kit and converted it into the Nataku version, or an MG Sandrock kit recolored to match the Sandrock Custom OVA color version. Many modelers claimed that Sandrock and Heavyarms were the easiest kits to convert, but I have yet to see somebody post their H-arms Custom MG mod version. Though there are a few images that appeared on the internet (like the image below) where the Heavyarms MG kit was simply recolored to match the H-Arms Custom color scheme, but the armaments are the same as the now labeled EW version.


It looks cool, but it’s not the true H-Arms Custom look that I’m looking for. The true H-Arms Custom would have the 2 double Gatling guns and four more smaller caliber chest mounted Gatling guns on it.

I may be fickle about the details, but that is how I feel it should be. To start with this project I’ll need to bash 2 kits, 1 Heavyarms MG kit and the H-Arms Custom 1/100 kit.

According to the info I have gathered about the then ‘so called’ H-Arms Ver. Ka (the now Heavyarms EW) it was supposed to be the downgraded version of the H-Arms Custom, with a single Gatling gun and it only has 2 chest mounted Gatling guns on it. As the Heavyarms was converted to the H-Arms custom, only subtle upgrades were done, they simply added more guns on it and changed the color scheme.


As you can see, both their design are strikingly similar, only the color scheme and armaments were slightly changed.

These same changes are noticeable to all the other Gundam Team units. With this info in mind I started working on the H-Arms Custom MG conversion project.

First thing I did was, I modified the original Double Gatling handles to accommodate the new MG hands, I also added the pits in the handles so that they will stay put once they are fixed on the hands. I also made it so that the handles can be folded for easy installation of the hands.



After the handles were modified, I also modified the extensions on the backpack so that the double Gatlings can be installed at the back as well.


Now that’s done, I can ogle at the current finished stage.

  The next mod work will be on the chest mounted guns. I’ll update on that next time, till then!

6 responses to “H-Arms Custom MG conversion W.I.P. 01

  1. Sir could you give me a step by step in how you modified the Double gatling and the back holders? Thanks.. =)

  2. You need to bash two Heavyarms kit for this mod, 1/100 MG EW kit and the 1/100 HG EW (OVA version) kit. The H-arms only requires two major modifications to it, one is the chest gattling guns, and the other the rack for the Double gattling guns on its backpack.

    First, you will need to retrofit the racks of the double gattling guns from the 1/100 HG kit so that you can install it to the MG kit’s backpack. Make note that the gattling gun racks of the MG kit is made of ABS plastic, while the HG kit is made of PS which means you can’t glue them together using model cement. How you can work around on this is up to you, you can scratch-build the connecting pegs of the racks like I did using polustyrene sheets, as seen on the above post.

    Next, for the chest mounted gattling guns. This is a bit delicate since you need to carve out the two large gattling gun barrels that are moulded on the chest plate. After carving out the barrels, you must cut out the four gattling gun barrels from the HG kit’s chest plate. Also note that the plastic used in the MG kit for the chest plate is ABS and the HG kit is PS, so sticking them together using cement will not do. What I did is that I used a modeling epoxy clay to fill in the holes left by the carved double gattling and left extra material for the 4 gattling guns to stick to. You can see what I did with it on the second W.I.P. I did (https://gundammit.wordpress.com/2013/12/15/h-arms-custom-mg-conversion-w-i-p-02/) Sadly I have already erased the photos I took of the build, but that is mostly it. As for the handles of the double gattling guns, you can leave them as they are, or you can modify them a bit because they can be a bit too tight to fit on the hands.

    As for the painting, you just have to apply a grey primer coat before you apply the final OVA color scheme so that the final paint color will look consistent.
    Let me know if you have questions on finer details and I will try to answer the best I can.

    • I only extended the handles outward to accommodate the MG hands, because they are thicker than the HG version. I added hinges to the handles so that I won’t have to disassemble the guns every time I have to make the H-arms hold them.

  3. also, how did you modify the polustyrene sheets. Sorry but this will be my 1st time customizing. This one’s my fav gundam and want to replicate it in MG.

    • Well, I just used a 1mm thick polystyrene sheet and layered them together. It’s a method in which you cut multiple sheets of polystyrene and glue them together to form the part you are customizing. It’s like a layered cake, and each layer is cut in the same width to form a square or a rectangle, or in this case, the connecting adapter for the gun racks for the back pack.

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