So MANY kits, so NO time (-_-)

I have a growing frustration lately because of so many real life stuff going on and it’s keeping me from building kits! I have recently acquired the new 1/100 MG Tallgeese kit and the latest 1/100 MG Katoki version of the Nu Gundam kit. I had that one for months and I still haven’t laid my hands on it. The Freedom Gundam build has been put on hold till I get some ‘alone time’ with my kits. The Igel project that has been sitting for far too long in my ‘to do list’ hasn’t gone anywhere near completion. I’m so hopelessly ill equipped in my current situation, I can get the kits, but I can’t get building materials and the worst is that I don’t have much time to spend building! It sucks, but I’m hoping that my woes will be over once the month of May arrives. I’ll be like a loose cannon ball and will stop at nothing till I get to build me some mean looking Gundams!!



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