ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam WIP 01

One of the Gundam series that sports an interesting array of mobile suits is the Gundam Seed series. Though the story line is more like a copy-paste of the original Gundam series, it still managed to make it’s mark on the Gundam universe.

Moving on to my ramblings, last month I managed to get hold of Master Grade kit of the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam. I suddenly had the urge to collect the Seed Gundam kits after learning that all the GAT-X series have been released in Master Grade format. I quickly contacted my local hobby shop to check if they still have the master grade kits of the previous Gundam Seed kit releases, to my dismay they were all sold out, except for the Freedom Gundam MG kit. I could swear the last time I visited they still have the Aile Strike and the Strike Rouge kits, now they gone! But there was a catch, the Freedom kit was the special clear version kit. All pumped up and determined to collect as much as I can, I told them I’ll decide once I saw the kit. I previously bought an MG Victory Gundam kit with optional clear parts, and I thought, “Having a bit of clear parts for the armor won’t be so bad.” Oh boy how wrong I was…The first time the clerk showed me the box, my first impression was, “is that it?” The box looked worn out and judging by its appearance it seemed to have been sitting in their shelf for quite some time now (I think it’s at least 4 years old). After opening the box I discovered that all the white parts are clear plastic, now I see the reason why nobody was interested in it. Having clear parts are nice, but frankly speaking, I’m not too comfortable having to display my kit with visible inner parts, unless I have another one like it that I can display along with the one with clear parts.

Freedom Gundam kit

Freedom Gundam clear parts

A bit disappointed, but determined I still bought the kit and after pondering over it for a few weeks I finally decided to work on it. After unpacking all the runners, I noticed that the plastic was shinier than the usual MG kits that I had.


Fearing that the paint I’m going to apply won’t stick, I washed the whole kit. After washing I realized that the plastic is naturally shiny.


Without second thought I started painting the primer coat for the clear parts. I only applied a light coat for the preliminary assembly part. I’ll put another coat before finally painting them white.


After applying a light coat of primer, I feel a lot more comfortable working on something that I can see better ^_^;


After applying primer on all the clear parts, I can now continue with the assembly process!

The completion of this kit has been scrapped to give way to my new MG Justice project. I’m going to build a normal colored plastic Freedom instead, the sad thing is that it took me three more years before I could find an MG Freedom kit. Anyway, I’ll be posting that build instead later.


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