Elenor Camuel Figure by Chogokin

Here I am again with another one of my blog entry. While doing my monthly “Gundamming” (Gundam Shopping) I accidentally bought this interesting item. It’s an action figure of Elenor Camuel one of the main characters in the Phantasy Star Online game series produced by Bandai/Chogokin. Going a few months back, the store clerk who became a friend of mine had shown me one of the latest arrivals in their shop and one of them was the RAcaseal Elenor Camuel figure, the shop already had a few Kotobukiya kit version of the Phantasy Star Online on display and I never really gave them any notice (the only thing in my head whenever I visit the shop are Gundams, Gundams and even more Gundams!) I was only interested in the Yellowboze figure which I find really cute, but I only had it in my “I’ll buy it ‘IF’ I have extra money list”. My friend showed me this latest piece and he was telling me how well made the figure was, and so I mindlessly said, “Sure I’d buy it”, but then I don’t have the money to pay for it, and then he said, “I’ll reserve it for you if you like.” To make the long story short he did reserve it for me and it was sitting in their shelf for more than two months! And he reminded me of the kit just a few days earlier if I still want it, then I said, “yes” and when I came back to the shop I was shocked to discover the price, it was actually double of what I had expected, keeping true to my work that I’d buy it, I bitterly grabbed my wallet and paid for it. As my friend prepared my receipt I asked if I could open it, lo and behold, packed in a tiny box is an arsenal of accessories the likes I’ve never seen before in my other figure collections. The figure itself measures approx 155mm and it was heavier than your regular plastic kit since it has die-cast metal parts. I couldn’t believe how well made this kit is and after giving it a closer inspection I’m now glad I bought it.

It has a very excellent level of articulation the likes that I have not seen in Figmas or Mobip figures, and since it has all that extra weight it can pretty much stand all by itself and make a wide variety of poses. There are interesting reviews for this figure and it is highly recommended by figure collectors (and me as well) if you happen to stumble upon one and you like pink girl robots, game character figures, etc. This one is a MUST.

Here are some pictures I took of Elenor after the unboxing. I hope you guys like it!


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