Buster Gundam Master Grade Version

I have been thinking of buying a new Buster Gundam kit for quite some time now. Although I already own a 1/144 kit. After learning that Bandai re-issued the kit adding some improvements to it, I thought of buying a new one as a sort of upgrade. And so I did. But it wasn’t the 1/144 scale that I originally planned on buying, but something even better, the new Buster Gundam Master Grade version. I only learned about the release of the kit just a few weeks ago and luckily the hobby shop where I get my Gundam fix from happens to get a couple ordered from the supplier. After the shipping delay of two weeks it finally arrived and here it is in all it’s boxed up glory!

Just looking at the details on this kit is already making my head hurt. After breezing through the manual I found out that this kit comes with a LOT of caution & identification stickers.

My only worry is that the over all Buster Gundam scheme will be ruined by the excessive warning stickers all over it. I won’t be surprised if one day Bandai released a Gundam named “Caution”, “Warning” & “Danger”.

All in all the kit looks very impressive compared to its 1/100 NG version and I can’t wait till I get to work on this guy.

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