Heavyarms Gundam Ver. Ka

As promised, here are the pics I took of my Heavyarms. After this I’ll be working on the Deathscythe.

One thing I learned during my past 2 builds is that the white parts of the Gundams aren’t really 100% white. In my older works I used to color the white areas pure white that’s why when I put the models against a white background some of the white parts vanish with the white background. The trick in making the Gundam stand out is that you have to mix at least 5% color shading. Like in the Wing Gundam, I mixed in 5% light grey giving it a bit of dirty white look. Same with the Heavyarms, I added 7% brown giving it a muddy white hue, but it’s not very noticeable unless you compare it side by side with a really white surface.

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