Heavyarms Gundam Ver. Ka (EW) Fin.

Well, I already finished the coloring part, and it turned out pretty nice. My only regret is that I had to remove the ‘XXXG-01H’ label on the right knee armor. Having to work with dry transfer stickers is really tough! Why didn’t they make it a wet transfer one!? If they only had done that the lives of a LOT of modelers would have been happier, but NO! They had to make them into sensitive, easily ruined DRY TRANSFER stickers!!! I had to ruin the DTS of my reserve kit just because I botched up and I ended up ruining both for nothing… Ah well… I guess I’ll just have to check if Bandai released a separate sticker pack for the Heavyarms Master Grade kit.
I didn’t really had time to take a lot of pictures, but hopefully I’ll put up a decent gallery on the next post and hopefully I’ll get to start working with the Igel armaments again. Till next time!!


One response to “Heavyarms Gundam Ver. Ka (EW) Fin.

  1. Looks good ! I agree, it’s too bad Bandai stopped making the water slides for the MG’s, but there is always the option of getting them from third parties.

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