Heavyarms Gundam Ver. Ka (EW) W.I.P. 2

After a long break from the initial build, we now continue with the coloring of the red parts. In the paint mix I used the preferred “Gundam Red” color, it comes as a dedicated paint color for Gundam kits by Gunze Sangyo Mr. Color. I spray painted all of the red parts and then some.

Below are some snap shots of the coloring of some of the red parts.

Since it’s been days into the build, I forgot to take record photos of the progress. but I didn’t forget to take some pics every now and then, here are some pics of the tiny pilot figures after I have colored them.

Here’s another picture of the tiny pilots standing along side the Gundam as it is being built for scale reference.

After putting the inner frame together and the red & orange parts, it’s time to put on the white outer armor parts.

After coloring the white parts, I saved the head for last since it has the most details to be drawn in it.

The kit is almost 97% complete, the only thing I need to work on are the leg mounted missile pods. I got the canisters in place, but the front par needs a bit more TLC than I thought. I’m having the most difficulty in trying to color the gray area inside the missile launcher, but I hope to fix that part soon.

The Heavyarms Gundam is by far one cool looking machine. Only thing left for me to do is finish up the leg mounted missile pods!

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