Wing Gundam Ver. Ka (EW) W.I.P. 03

I know this should have been a step by step ‘work in progress’ blog, but I was just too darn preoccupied to make progression logs all the time. But at least I managed to record some stages in my build progress. I had to give up some activities in order for me to finish this build, well I’m glad to report that it is nearly completed.

The parts lineup after coloring has been finished.

The part that I had most trouble painting is the “V” fin. For the Wing Gundam (EW) it has a sensor on its V-fin (like the Shenlong Gundam and that’ll be another one of my future head aches), and that sensor color is green. The paint for that green part is mainly composed of transparent colors and it is not very effective with other background colors other than white. So, before I put on the green color I had to put white base coat and cover it with the green one, this is where it got very messy. Whenever I put on the green color it effectively dissolves the white base coat which ruins the entire thing. It would have been nice if I had some white enamel paint to use as the base coat, but unfortunately the hobby shop where I get my supplies don’t sell that. I had to resort to dropping blobs of green paint in the sensor part and then cleaned it up after the paint hardened. It may not look exactly like the one on the manual, but it’s close enough.

The Wing Gundam EW with armaments.

Now, with most of the main parts fully painted I can play with it for a bit.

Just look at that massive buster rifle! It’s even taller than the Gundam itself!

It starting to look pretty neat! All that is left are the spare cartridges and the decals.

It’s funny how white it appears in the photo, the white color is actually dirty white (95% white & 5% grey) so if I put it beside a really white object it will appear darker. Hopefully I’ll be able to make some interesting picture of the final output next time. I’ll also make note not to forget to put up a photo of this one side by side with Zero custom version and the early 2004 release version for comparison. I believe that the earlier 2004 version has a brownish white color rather than greyish white, not sure though since I haven’t fiddled with that one yet.


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