Heavyarms Gundam Armaments “Igel” Project

It’s been bugging me for a long time since I got my hands on the Heavyarms MG kit.

I really want to turn THIS

…Into THIS!

For those who are familiar, in the manga version the Heavyarms have additional armaments called the “Igel”. Now the Heavyarms in itself for me is already a bad-ass Gundam heavily armed to the teeth and with the addition of the Igel it’s one heck of a destroying machine. Too bad there are no add on kit for it, so I’ll resort to scratchbuilding!

Somebody also posted somewhere his own scratchbuilding WIP somewhere, but he is using donor parts from other kits for his build. Me I don’t have the luxury of acquiring donor parts so easily and so, I’ll be making mine totally out of scratch and some materials I can get my hands on to fashion into the Igel. Now, let’s begin the build.

In this build we are going to need:

  1. Tamiya Plaplate (polystyrene sheet)
  2. Cement (for gluing together the plaplates)
  3. Tamiya Polyester Putty (any modeling putty is fine)
  4. Insta Mold
  5. Epoxy Resin
  6. Releasing agent (for the resin casting)

IF you guys can mange with making your stuff entirely out of plaplate is up to you. If you don’t have access to epoxy resin and other molding materials, you can make do with other similar materials you can buy from your hardware shops like epoxy putty. Just be careful in handling resins, they can be very nauseating, make sure you work on a well ventilated area.


First, I study the available detailed information for the shoulder mounting unit for the Igel’s huge shoulder mounted missile pods. and put it down on paper. Next step will be to make a polystyrene prototype of the shoulder mounting mechanism.

After measuring it to the right size it’s time to cut up some plaplate (polystyrene sheet) and glue it together. On the photo above is the prototype hooking mechanism. Unlike the earlier HG version of Heavyarms, the protrusions on its shoulder have a sort of nub in the middle, so, to get around this I fashioned the hook to perfectly clamp into it without having to remove the said offending nub.

Next, is the missile pod support that will connect the shoulder mounting hook to the body of the missile pod itself. That yellow blob looking thing will be the support, being made entirely of thing plaplate it is quite flimsy. So, I filled it up with Tamiya polyester putty. Next I’ll smooth it and prop it up to see how it looks.

So that is my WIP entry for now. Later I’ll also update the Wing Gundam Progress, till next time!



2 responses to “Heavyarms Gundam Armaments “Igel” Project

  1. Hey Bro,

    I’m a Filipino and an avid fan of gundam. I’m here in Kuwait as well but I’m ordering my Gunpla directly from Japan. I completed 4 MG now and 3 HG.

    Nice to have someone here in Kuwait to love gundam as much as i do. Do you play PS3 as well?

    • Cool! I only got hooked on Gundams because of an old friend of mine who used to talk in class about Gundams and how cool Gundam Epiyon was etc, etc… I mainly collect 1/144 scale HG kits, but I’m slowly graduating to master grade kits (since Bandai released all 5 Gundam Wing Katoki versions in MG). I get my stuff locally, I don’t have the luxury of purchasing stuff online T_T. I was planning on buying a PS3, but with my work schedule I barely have time to squeeze in gaming. Nice meeting a fellow “Gun-Ota” here in Kuwait. If you’re interested, the guy who owns Bou Saleh hobby shop in the city is holding a modeling contest, I was planning of joining myself, but I’m afraid I won’t finish my kit in time for the submission deadline. Maybe you would like to join in?

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