Wing Gundam Ver. Ka (EW) W.I.P. 02

Since I started quite late in documenting my build progress with this project, the over all completion at this point is about 80% complete. Since I have finished most of the body, I proceeded to paint the tiny pilot figure (Heero Yuy). Unlike the main Gundam itself, I used acrylic paint for the pilot. Since I only have limited budget I made do with the available colors that i can get my hands on, the three primary colors (Red, Blue & Yellow) and tone colors (Black & White). Mixing them up can produce a wide range of colors and I think I did quite a fine job.


I had a hard time coloring it since it was so small, at first I thought it was a piece of cake. But I’m glad it turned out quite alright though.

Next is the head unit and after that I’ll be moving on to the wing unit and the buster rifle.


4 responses to “Wing Gundam Ver. Ka (EW) W.I.P. 02

  1. Hey there,
    Just wondering If you still happen to be staying Kuwait ? It seems your well experienced in painting/building Gundam models. I’m interested in buying a gundam model, as well as painting etc. I’ve built gundans before, but never taken it to the level of painting or using sandpaper, just markers.

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