Wing Gundam Ver. Ka Porject

It’s been a month since I bought a Wing Gundam EW (aka Ver. Ka) MG kit and I have since been itching to do some Gundamming stuff (which I haven’t done for months now). This Wing Gundam kit is actually a re-packaged Katoki version that was originally released in 2004 (it’s been 7 years already!?). Anyway, compared to the original release version, this one looks a lot whiter and has lesser stickers.

Looking at the quality of the 2010 re-packaged version, the plastic parts are not as flawless as the recent releases of the other 4 MG Ver. Ka kits. Some parts actually have extra plastic that oozed out in between the molds that need some serious sanding. Tonight I’ll hopefully be able to start with the project, I’ll post the work in progress here as I go along in order for me to make use of this blog. The first set of photos I’ll post (probably) are the ones I took after I washed the plastic parts. Till next time.

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