Gundam Hobby Shop in Kuwait!

There are times in my life when I have to live somewhere far from home, a place where people had never heard of “Gundam”. My initial reaction was, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” You can just imagine how terrible it was for me, but I’ve been living here for years now and I still wonder how I managed to survive till now being far away from my beloved Gunpla kits at home T_T

To keep me sane I brought along my Heavyarms HCM pro figure to remind me of my Gundam roots and keep me company while I work in a country full of Arabs and Indians (the Asian ones). On my fourth year of stay here I was about to go mad, and even my trusty ol’ Heavyarms can’t help me. I need to get my mitts on new Gunpla! I really need my Gundam fix so bad I was starting to get delirious! Then I thought about looking around on the internet and found some posts here and there, and then a youtube channel caught my eye and it says, “Grendizer and Hobby shops in Kuwait” yep, it was a sight for sore eyes indeed! An anime related video that came from Kuwait! It was like a ray of light suddenly shined from pitch darkness, like a beacon of hope. I contacted the guy who posted the video and he told me where to find the shop he was featuring on the video, so on the very next payday I grabbed a friend of mine and coaxed him to help me find it in Kuwait city.

The shop is called “Bou Saleh”, we looked around and found the place, but it was closed. Upon looking at the window display my knees started to tremble and tears started to well up from my eyes. I felt like a man lost in a harsh hot desert for days who suddenly found an oasis! Yes, it was like an oasis in the middle of the desert! I was so moved to see a whole lot of Gundam figures lining the display rack I almost cried. I came back the following week and I bought this!

The recently released (2011) Sandrock MG kit! I find it fitting since the very first kit I bought in the Middle East is a Gundam that represents it in the GW series.

I met up with the owner, we had a chat and he told me a lot of stuff. He is a very friendly guy, despite the fact that he was from a country that has very little exposure to Japanese anime at the time, he is an all out anime fan the same as I am through and through, plus he is knowledgeable with Gundams. He has the latest Gundam kits in his shop, and there are anime figures too! Along with the Gundam kits, he also has a mini-WWII display for curiosities and the shop also sells model kits of military vehicles, planes, boats, and cars. He also has hobby tools and an extensive paint selection if you want to paint your kits. It’s a virtually one stop hobby shop where you can get almost all of the stuff you’ll ever need for your hobby needs.

If you’re ever in the Middle East, especially in Kuwait and you want to get your hands on some Gunpla go to Bou Saleh Hobby Shop, you can find it at:

Al-Muthanna complex, Mezzanine, Fahad al-Salim Street, Kuwait city

You can check out their YouTube channel HERE! Or like their facebook page HERE.


Today I just found out they have a website:

Go check them out!

3 responses to “Gundam Hobby Shop in Kuwait!

  1. Congratulations on your Sandrock!
    I’m afraid you’re wrong in your assumption that Kuwait has no exposure to Anime or Japanese culture. There’s a large number of people here who actively organize cultural events year round and you can get in touch with the Japanese Embassy in Kuwait for more details on upcoming events.
    Btw you can also order your kits from EMS shipping just takes 5 days from Tokyo to Kuwait.

    • Based on my experience for staying in this country for more than four years now, I have yet to meet somebody who knows a thing or two about animes. I also have a lot of colleagues who are anime fans, but they also haven’t heard or met any anime fans and they sure don’t know of any anime shops in the city and they have been living here far longer than I am. Thanks for the info.

      • Oh that’s a shame. What you can do is keep track of some of the local blogs like to know if there’s an upcoming event or check out anime reviews.
        There’s hardly any media coverage in kuwait about anime so blogs are the only option for now.

        PS..hope to see dome WIPs of your Sandrock soon.

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